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Top Employers 2015 Women

Not all organisations are eligible to qualify as a certified Top Employer. Prior to participation in the certification programme, the primary entry criteria is as follows:

  • A minimum of 250 employees nationally
  • Or, if the company is a multinational, a minimum of 2.500 employees worldwide
  • Fee: a research fee is applicable upon entry

The entire certification process must be completed successfully, including an external validation and audit. All participants are then rated according to the international standard, which is revised annually.


Research procedures

The HR Best Practices Survey should be completed by a member of the HR team with a comprehensive knowledge of the organisation’s employee offerings. The research is undertaken online and can be completed intermittently within two days.

Following submission, the Top Employers Institute validates the research data before independent partner Grant Thornton audits the research procedures and all information collected from the participants. Two months prior to the annual Certification Event, all participants will be informed whether or not they attained the required standard to become certified.

Contact us about participation in the Top Employers certification programme and position your organisation amongst the world’s leading employers.

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“By cooperating with the Top Employers Institute, we are able to evaluate the data of the leading companies in each segment, seeking best practices and valuable industry insights that can be adapted and applied in our context.”

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