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Only the world’s leading employers are certified as Top Employers. This exclusive recognition demonstrates that an organisation is a trusted employer of choice – especially beneficial for all stakeholders and its present and prospective employees. Becoming certified provides companies with the opportunity to celebrate this achievement and to reinforce the positive role of the HR environment in the business.

Well-deserved recognition as an exceptional employer

Organisations that attain the Top Employers certification demonstrate that they provide an outstanding employment environment and nurture and develop talent throughout all levels of the organisation. Achieving certification also proves a great source of pride to the HR departments of each successfully certified organisation. After all, it is their fantastic efforts to shape employee conditions and to always develop that set Top Employers apart as the leading employers in the world. 

Gain new insights and continuously develop your HR environment 

All participants of the Top Employers certification programme, whether they achieve certification or not, receive a Benchmark Report, Feedback Report and on-site Feedback Session. The Benchmark Report clearly communicates how each organisation scores compared to other relevant companies. The Feedback Report and Session also provide participants with unique and independent guidance regarding development opportunities and innovation within the HR environment.

Specific customised Benchmark Reports are available upon request. Compare your employee offerings with your choice of benchmark group:

  • Within a specific industry or against another specific industry.
  • Nationally.
  • Internationally – against other companies; or multinationals can compare companies within its group.

Additional fees apply. Contact us to learn more about Benchmark Reports.

Employer Branding – show your exclusive status and reinforce your employer brand

Certified organisations receive support in many ways. This ensures that each Top Employer can leverage its certification, enhancing their employer brand and easily announcing to existing employees, potential employees and stakeholders that it is one of the world’s leading employers.

  • Resource Centre – Top Employers receive access to a personalised online Resource Centre, providing all tools necessary to effectively communicate certification, increase recognition and grow their employer brand. Key features include the Top Employers Certification Seal, press communications and best practices advice for leveraging the Certification Seal in internal and external communication campaigns.
  • Media Partners – Top Employers receive exceptional online and print exposure from national and international media partners.
  • Website – All Top Employers are showcased individually on this website. Within this area, organisations and employees can learn more about the certified employers: why each organisation has been certified and which certification(s) it obtained.

 10 reasons to join:

  1. Stand out as an employer of choice, nationally and internationally.
  2. Be a part of the exclusive and internationally renowned Top Employers community.
  3. Demonstrate the quality of your employee value proposition (EVP).
  4. Gain new insight into your employee offerings and benchmark the performance of your HR environment – within one company or across a multinational group.
  5. Have access to – and be inspired by – some of the best employee provisions.
  6. Make the most of tangible metrics about the HR environment in order to forecast, plan and develop.
  7. Participate in the most objective HR research methodology.
  8. Show that you are a responsible and sustainable employer, and that you value your employees.
  9. Strengthen the employer brand to reinforce recruitment, talent retention and staff engagement.
  10. Celebrate being a Top Employer together alongside your organisation’s peers at the Certification Ceremony.

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“By cooperating with the Top Employers Institute, we are able to evaluate the data of the leading companies in each segment, seeking best practices and valuable industry insights that can be adapted and applied in our context.”

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