Group Certification

Besides the standard certification programme and regional certification, the Top Employers Institute offers the option of group certification, in which your company participates in the Top Employers certification programme with more than one legal entity.

What are my advantages?

Depending on your chosen type of participation, emphasise your remarkably strongly bonded group upon successful certification, and/or take advantage of in-depth company insights and benchmarking between entities – for your internal research as well as for external communication.

What are the options?

We offer several participation options, depending on the level of harmonisation of HR standards within the participating entities. Important for your individually suitable entry option into the Top Employers group certification is whether the following criteria are consistently defined and applied for all of your participating entities:

  • Talent Strategy
  • Leadership Programme
  • Compensation & Benefits
  • Competency Framework

How does it work?

The various subsidiaries must participate in the HR Best Practices Survey, either as a group or individually, and successfully follow the entire process to become certified. Hereby, a subsidiary is defined as a legal entity, regardless of departments or brands. Please note that the Top Employers group participation and certification is only applicable for subsidiaries within the same country.

Learn more?

Please contact us to discuss your participation possibilities and your benefits of certification as a group.

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“Having been a certified Top Employer for numerous consecutive years shows the best evidence that we continuously enable our employees to realise their own dreams. Personalised employee care is one of our key values in HR. Nevertheless, sharing our company’s success with our employees is a constant experience we provide for all our people: Chinese and German.”

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