Upon certification

Certification Dinner

Once certified as a Top Employer, qualifying organisations can profile their exclusive status for one year. This enhances their employer brand and announces to existing employees, potential employees and other stakeholders that the organisation is excelling at providing an enriching experience for its employees and, in doing so, is part of an elite group of international businesses.

Certification Dinner: celebrating excellence
Top Employers hosts an annual Certification Dinner in which the Top Employers receive their certification. This is an opportunity to celebrate the accomplishment and to meet other Top Employers during what is always a memorable gala event.

Top Employers Certification Seal
The Certification Seal can be used for a full year. This internationally recognisable symbol instantly illustrates that an organisation delivers a standard of excellence for its employees and is continually striving to optimise its employee conditions. This helps in attracting, retaining and engaging staff. The Top Employers Certification Seal is trademarked internationally.

The Resource Centre: enabling top companies to stand out
Certified Top Employers can show their status in many different ways in order to build their employer brand and to grow internal and external recognition for the conditions that it creates for its people.

Within the personalised Resource Centre, the Top Employers Institute provides all the necessary materials and examples to leverage certification. These include the Certification Seal, press releases, best practices advice and promotional tools that enable them to optimally benefit from their certification. For example, certified Top Employers can use these items within their workplaces, on their website, or in job postings. A face-to-face Communication Workshop may also be possible to ensure optimal communication of the Top Employer status.

Top Employers Website
All Top Employers are showcased individually on this website, listed by country. Here you can learn more about the results from the research; why this organisation has been certified and which certification(s) it has obtained. Take a look and learn more about the organisations presently certified as the leading employers in the world.

Media exposure
The Top Employers Institute has a long-term partnership with the international Financial Times, which presently has a business readership of more than 1.55 million executives. This media partnership entails an annual Top Employers publication, round table sessions, online articles and newsletters. All Top Employers also receive local press coverage, in cooperation with our local media partners (varying by country).

Feedback and Benchmark Report
All participating companies, including those that did not achieve certification, receive an extensive Benchmark Report on their performance and their position in the research group for that year. The results are discussed and insights shared during an individual Feedback Session. In this way, all participating companies learn where there is room to improve, how to continue developing their employee offerings and bolstering their employer brand – Top Employers develop. Always.

Additional Benchmark Reports are available. For example, companies can receive more detailed insights, such as comparing their employee offerings and employee conditions with other certified employers in their industry, country or globally. Learn more about reasons to join the Top Employers community.

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“As a globally respected organisation, the Top Employers Institute plays an important role in giving us external validation of our efforts, based on metrics and criteria developed by specialists in the field.”

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